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What To Expect

The Wake Connections process has three phases.
Read below to find out what to expect.

1 Application

Professional referrers or families use the web-based portal to complete an application.

All eligibility and fit information for participating programs is collected through the application questions.

2 Referral

Administrator reviews application; screens for duplicates and reviews eligibility results.

Sends referral(s) to partner program based on eligibility, fit and program capacity.

Follow up communication with family or referrer, when needed.

3 Intake

Partner receives referral and makes contact with the family for enrollment.

Answers questions about the service and provides information about wait time, when appropriate.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of services are available through Wake Connections?

    Wake Connections programs provide different kinds of home-based and group support to families with young children. Please note that Wake Connections does not refer directly for child care programs. To learn more about the types of services available, please click here.

  • Is there a cost for services?

    No. All programs that Wake Connections refers to are free for eligible families.

  • Is there a wait list?

    Some programs may have a wait list to begin services. If a family you refer is placed on a wait list, you will receive an email notification. If you have a Wake Connections account, you can log in to view the approximate projected wait time. To receive updates about partner program capacity and wait times, sign up for our newsletter.

  • How will the personal information of the family I am referring be used and protected?

    When making a referral for a family, you are responsible for obtaining the parent or guardian’s consent to share their information in the Wake Connections application. All information provided in the application and any follow-up contacts is confidential and is only used to help families connect with services. Information will be shared only with the partner program(s) that the family is referred to and not for any other reason.

  • What happens if the family I am referring is not a match for any Wake Connections programs?

    The Wake Connections system uses the information provided on the application form to determine if there is a match for any programs. Please provide as much detail as possible because it makes it more likely that there will be a match. If a family is not eligible for any programs, we will contact you or the parent/caregiver. We may be able to add information to the application or discuss other resources that may be helpful.

  • Who can I contact with questions?

    With questions or to request an outreach presentation, please contact Caroline Janes, Wake Connections Project Coordinator, at cjanes@wakesmartstart.org or 919-851-9550.

Referrer Tips

Let families know what to expect. As a referrer, you are the first phase in our coordinated intake process. You can help increase the likelihood of a successful outcome by making sure families that you refer know what to expect after an application is submitted to Wake Connections. The process is summarized at the top of this page. Our materials bank has flyers that can be shared with families.

Provide details that can help make the best match. Information about family priorities and current needs can help determine eligibility and make the best program match. Comments can be entered in any open text box in the application.

Include alternative contact information. According to our data, the number one reason why Wake Connections referrals are not successful is because the family cannot be reached by the partner program to discuss enrollment. Please include an email address and/or alternative phone number, if available. It is also helpful to know how families prefer to be contacted, and what days/times are the best to reach them.

Discuss the time commitment that the family you are referring can make. When making a program match, it is helpful to know what frequency of services would be the best fit. Options include monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly

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