“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”  

-Nelson Henderson


We can extend the reach of learning and support for young children with the help of volunteers. WCSS has a plan for engagement that meets any level of interest. Click below on one of the images to discover what opportunities there are for you to make a positive impact in the life of a young child.




Volunteer- Business

Business Partners

Volunteer - Civic

Civic Organizations

Volunteer - Faith

Faith Communities

Want to leap ahead and get started? Visit our Volunteer Project Idea Bank and complete the Volunteer Application.

For Firefox users, when filling up the Volunteer Application, use Adobe Reader as the pdf viewer to fill up the form in the document

Volunteers in Action!

Thanks to the BB&T Lighthouse Project and Wake Forest BB&T banker Jonathan Collins, a terrific Outdoor Learning Dream Team provided upgrades to Johnson Pond Learning Center! Please watch: