Volunteer Project Idea Bank

Project Descriptions

There’s plenty to do for volunteers! Please take a look at the following ideas for inspiration.

Have another idea for a project? Please contact Caroline Janes or call (919) 723-9301.

Dream Teams Proj Bank Photo

Indoor and Outdoor Dream Teams
Dream Teams complete needed projects inside child care and early childhood program sites, or support outdoor learning through projects that enhance physical activity and gardening.  Dream Teams may paint an early childhood program’s hallways, install tree stumps to make an outdoor story circle, build a teepee for green beans to grow on or install raised beds for planting. Learn more

TeacherApp Proj Bank Photo

Redbox Teacher Treat Baskets
Being an early childhood teacher is both rewarding and challenging. Can you imagine the energy needed to teach a classroom of four-year-olds or managing an infant room with several babies at once? We encourage recognition of early educators year round, and especially during Teacher Appreciation Week in early May.  Learn more

WelcomeBaby Proj Bank Photo

New Baby Supplies for Home Visiting Programs
Many young women living in poverty do not have the benefit of a baby shower.  For some the transition from hospital to home can be very difficult without the basic baby necessities.  Collect needed items to ease the fears and difficulties of this life changing transition. We can place items with or without baskets through home visiting programs. Learn more

Supply Drives for Child Care Centers and Early Learning Programs
Supply drives held throughout the year provide child care centers and early childhood programs needed items that support and enhance their work. Examples of supply drive donations include classroom materials, books for young children, baby nursery needs or a hats and mittens drive. Learn more