Funding Process

WCSS operates on a 3-year funding cycle. We are in the first year of the current cycle. The proposal process will open again to the community for fiscal year 2020-2021. If you have questions, please contact Anna Troutman.

How Does WCSS Make Funding Decisions?

Each year, with the support of community workgroups, WCSS’ Program Planning Committee studies Wake County’s needs and assesses the gaps in services for children birth to 5. These workgroups, representing early care and education and special needs and health, are comprised of community leaders, child care professionals, nonprofit agency representatives and staff. The work groups identify services that would fill an existing gap in service, or modify and strengthen existing programs.

Next, a series of community information sessions are held in which WCSS’ core values, guiding principles and bidding requirements are presented. Organizations are invited to submit a proposal which outlines a creative, competitive solution to the community issues previously identified by the Program Planning Committee and community workgroups.

WCSS staff review submitted proposals and budget materials, researches best practices and works with the Allocations Committee to analyze the proposals against community need. The Allocation Committee develops a funding recommendation for services in each goal area established through the strategic plan. The Allocation Committee presents this information to the Board of Directors for their consideration and ultimate decision. Once funding recommendations are approved by the Board of Directors, staff work to contract with the funded agencies to sustain and expand needed services in the community.

FY 2018-19 Recommendations

The WCSS Board of Directors has recommended a total of $11,886,212 in local early childhood program investments for FY 2018-19. Learn more about their recommendations.