The following list includes Wake County Smart Start departments, staff and e-mail addresses.

Gayle E. Headen, Executive Director
Nancy Peck, Executive Assistant

Community Relations and Development
Vacant, Director of Community Relations and Development
Jennifer MacPherson, Communications Manager
M. Quin Marshall, Communications and Development Coordinator

Gary Carr, Director of Finance
Gabrielle Barnard, MAC Accountant
Sue Bush, Accountant
Jennifer Hoch, Accounting Technician Payroll
Arletta Marshall, Accounting Technician Payables

Early Childhood Initiatives
Carol Orji, Director of Early Childhood Initiatives
Christina Mitchell, Office Manager
Giovanni Torres, Receptionist

Lynn Policastro, Manager, Early Childhood Initiatives
Tamiko McCullough, Healthy Initiatives Program Coordinator
Stephanie Jenkins, Quality Enhancement Specialist
Gwen Adair, Quality Enhancement Specialist
Brandis Miller, Quality Enhancement Specialist
Deidra McMillan, Quality Enhancement Specialist

Joan Crutchfield, Manager, NC Pre-K
Sabrina McKennies, Pre-K Specialist
Vacant, Pre-K Quality Enhancement Specialist
 Ana Gallo, Pre-K Outreach Assistant
Taushau Wilkinson, Pre-K Team Lead
Vacant, Pre-K Enrollment Coordinator
Lisa Kidder, Pre-K Program Assistant
Lisa Flores, Application Systems Coordinator
Vanessa Celayos, Pre-K Support

Wake ThreeSchool
Taylor Young, Manager, Wake ThreeSchool
Natasha Williams, Wake ThreeSchool Specialist
Gina Soceanu, Social Emotional Learning Specialist
Kinrecka Anderson, Wake ThreeSchool Enrollment Coordinator
Melissa Radice-Peguero, Wake ThreeSchool Application Systems Coordinator
Ruth Roldan, Wake ThreeSchool Outreach Coordinator
Emily Diaz, Wake ThreeSchool Program Assistant

Strategy and Impact
Alex Livas-Dlott, Director of Strategy and Impact
Alex Setzer, Data Manager

Program Coordination & Evaluation
Bryce McClamroch, Manager, Program Coordination & Evaluation
Kimberley McNeil, PCE Program Coordinator

System Improvement & Public Engagement
Sasha Gomez, Manager, System Improvement & Public Engagement
Nikki McDougald, Community Outreach Specialist
Vanessa Guzman, Community Outreach Coordinator
Caroline Janes, Wake Connections Project Coordinator
Denise Rossi, Program Specialist, Early Literacy
Marta Maldonado, Family Engagement Specialist
Ramona Maldonado, SIPE Program Assistant