As a co-founder of WCSS, I am excited to be part of this group that recognizes the visionary leaders of the past and our emerging and current leaders of today. Our work on behalf of young children will continue – until every child enters Kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed. Join us! – Jack Nichols

The 1996 Society

1996 Society Roster

Mary Ellen Anderson
Sanford Bailey & Rena Pappas
Nell Barnes
Lorie Barnes
Patti Beardsley
Arvelis Byrd
Kelly Caldwell
Betty Corbett
Dale Cousins
Sandra Dietrich
Pam & Robert Dowdy
Elizabeth Hamner
Gayle Headen

Shirley Herndon
Sherry Heuser
Brenda High-Sanders
Fmr. Gov. James B. Hunt, Jr.*
Leslie Ann Jackson
Johnnie Jones III
Mark Langford
Mary Martorella
Neill McLeod
Carol Mitchell
Cathy Moore
Barbara Morales Burke
Peter Morris
Jack Nichols
Regina Petteway

Heather Petrovich
Hannah Poteat
Waltye Rasulala
Donna Rutowski
Camille Schaffer
Kim Shaw
Mike Smith
Joe Stewart
Jane Stikeleather
Suzanne Stroud
Kristi Tally
Norris Thurston
Michael Weisel
Angie Welsh
Tyrone Williamson
David Zonderman

*Honored with the WCSS 2017 Visionary for Young Children Award