The summer of Rainbows and Resilience is here…

Meet Rainbow Ice Monster

We are very excited to introduce you to Benjamin Levin and his creation, the Rainbow Ice Monster. Benjamin is the youngest child advocate we have worked with, and we know you too will fall in love with this young boy’s heart for others.

When Benjamin started school, he saw that some of his classroom peers were struggling with reading, and wanted to do something about that. So he combined his loved for art, and storytelling, to create unique “monsters” with a special story of encouragement – and then through Goodmonsters.us, sells the monster t-shirts with profits being donated to selected literacy-focused organizations. 100% of the Rainbow Ice Monster t-shirts sales net revenue go to our mission – that’s $5 from each $25 purchase!

We named this project The Summer of Rainbows and Resilience to recognize the struggle many have faced through the pandemic, and the amazing rainbows we have seen through heroic response to the needs of children.

Benjamin brings us the Rainbow Ice Monster with this “story of origin”:

“The Rainbow Ice Monster started out as an ordinary Ice Monster. One day, when he was flying in the air, there was a terrible storm. He tried to seek shelter, but he couldn’t find anything. And just as he was about to give up, all of a sudden, as if caused by a miracle, the storm dispersed, leaving behind a beautiful rainbow that surrounded the Ice Monster, and gave him the colors that he has today.”




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Thank you Good Monsters and Benjamin for inspiring us with your love for learning and helping others!