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Based on a nationally-recognized model, Parents as Teachers (PAT) services are offered to children from birth to age 5 who need help preparing for success in school.  The program is designed to enhance child development and school achievement through parent education. Project Enlightenment provides Parents as Teachers services in Wake County. The program includes monthly or bi-weekly home visits, family education groups, periodic screening and referrals to other resources.



A Brighter Future for Both Mother and Child with the Support of PAT

Brianna was 17 when she enrolled in Parents as Teachers (PAT). Her daughter Natalie was 13 months and was born seven weeks early. Brianna wanted to make sure Natalie’s development was on target and had concerns about her language and motor skills. Natalie’s mother has been an active participant in PAT and has worked with her daughter on all of her skills. Brianna read to Natalie regularly and followed through on all the suggested activities. By age two and a half, Natalie was using two and three word sentences, developed a love of books and dancing, and had met all of her developmental milestones.

PAT’s support helped not only Natalie, but also her mother. Brianna had not finished high school when she enrolled in PAT but through the encouragement of her PAT educator and others, she completed her GED.


Interested in this program? Please visit Wake Connections to complete an online application.  By completing this application, your family will be screened for possible matches. If a match is found, you will be linked to the best fit program.



Parents as Teachers is funded by Wake County Smart Start and managed by Project Enlightenment, an early childhood education and intervention program of the Wake County Public School System Office of Early Learning.

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