Wake Pre-K Programs

NC Pre-K (visit)

NC Pre-K provides children with a high-quality classroom program to help four-year-olds get ready for Kindergarten. Children attend Pre-K for 6.5 hours each day, Monday through Friday.

Telamon Head Start 

Wake County Smart Start works with the Telamon Corporation to provide Head Start programs for children ages three and four and their families. Telamon Head Start centers provide a secure setting where children can develop their skills under the watchful eyes of well-trained caregivers.  Partial or full-day services at centers include health and dental screenings, nutritious meals, individual as well as group learning experiences, play opportunities and other structured activities.

Wake County Public School System Title I Program (visit)

Wake County Smart Start works with the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) to deliver the Title I Pre-K Program. The goal of the program is to prepare children to enter Kindergarten ready to learn and succeed. Screenings for student participation are offered each spring and students qualify based on academic need.

Wake County Human Services Child Care Subsidy

Wake County Smart Start works with Wake County Human Services to help fund the Wake County Child Care Subsidy Program.  The program provides financial assistance to parents for their child care needs. The child care subsidy is based on an assessment of need, income and family size.

Additional Information

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