ReadyRosie - Smart Parents, Ready Kids

What is ReadyRosie?

ReadyRosie is a free parent education resource that delivers daily videos to your phone or computer with fun, interactive activities that help your child learn. The parents in the videos are just like you – they want to be the best parents they can be, and help their children get ready for school and life.

Video activities are based on the age of your child and can be delivered via email, text message, or the ReadyRosie app. ReadyRosie has hundreds of brief videos in English and Spanish that model everyday interactions in familiar environments with real parents.

Watch a brief video to learn more about the benefits of this interactive tool here.

Register online. You’ll receive a short daily video delivered to your phone or email with an activity that you can do with your child. Videos are available in both English and Spanish. You and your child will learn and grow together!

“As a mom of three young children, I struggled to find resources to help me effectively and creatively engage the rapidly developing minds of my kids. If a college-educated, former school teacher who spent years in the field of educational publishing finds herself at a loss for meaningful tools to get her kids ready for that first day of school, what does that mean for everyone else?…” –A ReadyRosie Parent