What If My Child is On the Waiting List?

Assignments are in process for the 2017-2018 school year!

Assignment update cards will be mailed in late July.  If you do not receive a card by August 15th, it is likely that your application is still in process.

Many children have been reserved for placement.  This means that a slot in a program is being held for them.  This means you should hear from an Early Education program within the next few weeks.

Many children remain on the Pre-K waiting list.  Children on the waiting list are eligible for at least one pre-k program, but space is not available.  Placement is dependent on each program’s criteria.  As space becomes available, every child will have an equal opportunity for placement.

If your family received an unable to place card, your child does not meet the eligibility criteria for any of our programs.

While families are waiting, we encourage them to consider the following available resources: